The world at your feet!

Cambridge has opened up a wonderful buffet called nines. They have included many aspects of the world. From Chinese to American. Thai to seafood. There is plenty to keep any member of the family happy. One of the best parts of this meal out was being able to refill my plate as many times as I liked, causing me to gain at least a stone before I even entered the dessert section. Now that I had taken a trip around the world, it was time to attack the chocolate fountains. Yes, fountains, there was two! one milk chocolate and one white chocolate. Which were accompanied by a bowl of marshmallows. There were rows, upon rows of mini cakes. chocolate cake, cheesecake, chocolate swiss roll, the list is endless. The fun part was trying to be a professional ice cream man with the ice cream machineย but this is harder than it looks, you would have thought being an ice cream man was easy, but it really isn’t. Now to sooth the big food baby growing in my tummy. A small bowl of fruit to refresh my taste buds and wash everything down. I really enjoyed eating at nines. I’mย to full to move right now.

Nines gets a 7 out of 10 from me.


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