Following in Mum’s footsteps.

Maxfactor is a well know high street brand with a huge makeup collection to choose from. However, when starting my journey of foundation, I went to Superdrug’s with my Mum to choose a product that I could wear for my year 11 prom. Which was lightweight, my skin colour and didn’t cost an arm and a leg. We went with a moose foundation, which ended up being patchy, very orange and didn’t last all day.

I decided to go along with my Mums number one foundation, which she has used for many years and always goes back to after trying out different brands and types of foundations. This was an amazing idea. The Maxfactor pan sticks gave me a lovely canvas to apply the rest of my makeup on. My skin looked healthy, glowing and bright. The pan stick covers redness and doesn’t dry out your skin. Due to having eczema and very dry skin this foundation is fantastic because of its creamy texture.

I use number 13 to conceal around my eyebrows and number 14 for an everyday foundation. I definitely recommend this foundation.


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